Disclaimer: I originally wrote this Twitter thread some time in May when Swiggy had paused their Super program. They have reintroduced it now. I wrote this thread mostly as a Swiggy power user and not from the POV of a PM. Hence instead of worrying about impact of the decision to pause Super on revenue, I wrote about the change in my own food ordering pattern.


Subscription programs are a great way to increase switching cost

I never used to open Zomato till I had Swiggy Super

Now every time I think of ordering, I open both Zomato and Swiggy, and compare prices Upside-down face

My JTBD today was to get kung pao chicken

I realized if I have to pay 100 bucks (tax + delivery) on Swiggy, then I might very well see restaurants from Zomato who deliver the same item

As long as the rating is good, I don’t care 

This is coming from someone who loves Swiggy, both the company and the app

And I was one of those users who ordered >5X/ week pre covid

Tells you how powerful their Swiggy Super was

With a delivery fee, you have to make those mental calculations which you never did before

Like do I really want to pay 100 bucks extra for this 200 cart value order?

Wow. It is 50%

Maybe I can just eat the dinner my cook has made. I never used to do these calculations before

This was my standard order every night ->

If you think about it, apart from the free delivery fee, the discount was not that great. But I still ordered. Almost every night

Without the delivery fee, the calculation was: they add taxes/extra charges, but swiggyit coupon nullifies that. So I am paying almost the true value

Now I am making the decision based on how much extra charge (with delivery fee) is fair

Is it 50%? Is it 30%? Who knows

I am sure a lot of users are churning at the cart page

Maybe they could still have run Swiggy Super but removed the discounts

I don’t have data based on what the decision was made. But I wonder how many orders they are losing out because users don’t want to pay extra for delivery fee when they had already paid for Swiggy Super


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