It has been 6 months since I posted the first list of PM interview questions. Here is a list with few more questions.

  • You are the PM of onboarding for Discovery Plus app. Data shows personalization leads to more 7-day retention. Should you ask interests from users to help in a more personalized FTUE? How will you design an experiment around this? What data will you look at?

  • You are the Swiggy PM for Discovery and you have to write a rule engine to decide the additional info tag you put on each restaurant card (show Use JUMBO vs BIRTHDAY vs healthy options available etc) How do you choose what to show? When to show? How do you strike a balance between showing relevant info vs not overwhelming the user with too much info? What are the success parameters to judge the success of this experiment?

  • You are the PM of YouTube for video experience. What are the parameters you look at to decide the default/ auto quality option for each user? How does it vary based on user’s net speed, 3G vs Wifi, geo, device type?

  • As a YouTube PM, you have realized that the quality of video seen has a high impact on retention for a new user in India. 50% of your users are using Jio anyway and data is cheap now. Should you update the auto option value?

  • You are the PM for Youtube’s video experience.  How will you give feedback to the user that data cost might rise if she manually selects a higher quality option? Should you give this feedback to all users on manual change or only to users on the data pack?

  • You are the PM for YouTube. Your researcher has come to you with some user feedback around the behavior of  > and < on a video. On most streaming sites one tap takes the video ahead or behind by X secs while on YouTube it starts the next video. What are the follow-up questions you will ask your researcher? Chart out your plan of action.

  • You are the PM for nobroker who handles the experience around visiting a home before renting. In the times of covid, how will you ensure safety? What info will you add on the app to improve this safety perception?

  • You are the PM of Zoomcar. Because of covid, your numbers are down. Your marketing head is recommending a feature that sends an email to the user with highlights from a past trip the user took using Zoomcar (using data available on its platform). Goal: Remain top in mind of the user so that once recovery happens the user takes Zoomcar again. Should you do it? How will you measure the success of this campaign? How will you coordinate with various stakeholders for the same?

  • You are the PM for Swiggy’s PDP page. You have to run an experiment on whether to have two separate tags for Bestseller and Must try OR combine both because for most users both of them do the same thing: recommend a dish Swiggy thinks the user will like. Design this experiment.

  • You are the PM of the List feature of Twitter. Design a research plan to understand the JTBD of List users.

  • You are the PM of User Safety for Twitter. Your Head of Information Security thinks a bulk delete option in the settings panel is better for users than them using some 3rd party tool and risking their accounts getting hacked. Your Head of Product disagrees. You are tasked with preparing a one-pager to present in front of the CEO with your recommendation. Write this document presenting your views.

  • You are the Twitter PM who worked on their new selected replies feature. Write the roadmap for that feature detailing how it will evolve over time. Should you have pay to comment functionality like youtube?

  • You are the part of Twitter’s monetisation team. Your Head or Product wants you to explore subscriber only videos. Write a pitch doc for the feature. What would it contain?

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