“My biggest life lesson of 2020: Never do anything in life that is motivated by a feeling of inadequacy. If you do, it will ultimately backfire and make you feel even more inadequate. This might not sound like an epiphany for most people but it was for me. If you can cut this out and base your desire for doing a particular thing on being interested in that particular thing, you will ultimately be happier and have a greater ‘zest for life’. I’m talking about things like drinking alcohol excessively/going clubbing (not much of that this year) because alcohol culture tells us it is cool and fun. Or dedicating our time to getting a boyfriend/ girlfriend just because society tells us that being in your mid twenties without having had a romantic experience makes us a loser or a loner.”

I stumbled upon this gem in the youtube comments section recently. What are the things you are doing that are driven by a feeling of inadequacy is a good question to ask yourself as part of your year-end reflection.