Like every person in tech who has ever read a PG essay, I have also thought of starting up. One day; at least that is what I tell myself. Here is a list of startup themes with a few ideas that interests me.

  • Unbundle something (unbundle reddit)
  • Play on Nostalgia (see Dispo)
  • New Problem Old Solution (cold storage for crypto coins)
  • IP play (Mahabharata coffee table book)
  • Give superfans access (onlyfans, patreon, cameo)
  • Old Problem New Solution (Consumption of erotic stories through subscription audio, VR Porn, remote operations through VR, Clubhouse)
  • Reimagine a product for a particular TG (bumble: better tinder for women)
  • Sell to pretend victims (Breitbart, Republic TV)
  • Productised service for a TG (on demand coaching for gamers)
  • Global hot trend and a routine action mashup (Improve your diet, sleep, stress, fatigue with affordable at-home lab testing)
  • Underutilized Fixed Assets (parking lots, modular houses in your backyard)
  • Be the arms dealers (world going remote? provide global payroll and compliance)
  • Spatial Interfaces (Teamflow, Cosmos)
  • Community plays (sneakerheads community, baseball cards community)
  • New way of learning (Sketchymedical - Visual learning to crack medical)
  • Big company tools (Slido for anonymous questions)
  • Personal Productivity (See newer players coming to replace Forest app)
  • Make things multiplayer (figma - multiplayer design)

Note: An idea can belong to multiple themes.