Best way to ask for a referral:

  • Go to the company’s career page.
  • Check out the openings.
  • Don’t ask multiple people at the company to refer you. Seek out just one. Find someone who is at a good level in the organization and can connect you with the Talent Acquisition team. Send a good cold email/ DM to the referrer giving some context on how you found him, develop a rapport, and give a crisp message on why the company/role is interesting to you.
  • Share the relevant opening with the referrer after making sure you fit the JD. This is supercritical. I have freshers who send JDs with 4 years minimum experience and request me to refer them. I don’t even bother saying No. Just ignore them.
  • Write a short pitch about yourself that the referrer can forward to the TA.
  • Share your resume in PDF format. Don’t send a google driver link.
  • If possible ask for the work email id for the referrer and send the details there.

Summary: Do the bulk of the work and make it frictionless for the other person to help you. If you do this, you will find far more people willing to help you.

Worst way to ask for a referral:

  • DM a stranger asking if their company has openings relevant for you.
  • Put the onus on the other person to find a fit.
  • Not even bother to read the JD and see if you have the relevant experience.