A few people called me tone-deaf today. Questioned me on why I was posting productivity tweets or talking about startups/product management when there is a pandemic out there.

So, adding my thoughts on me being “tone deaf”:

  1. Once upon a time I used to be this internet warrior, posting all about Modi and the Government and how everything sucks. It helped me get likes. A lot of people laughed, but it did fuck all. I know I can stop tweeting about everything else in my life, and just shit on how the situation is so badly managed. Share thought leadership on the covid situation, but I don’t know enough to add my 2c.

  2. I thought going off Twitter would help. Hence for 2 weeks, I did not even come here. I don’t follow people, even through lists. But I don’t need to read social media to know the situation is bad. My brother works in the civil services back in Assam. My mom’s a doctor. The situation scares me. Every day someone or the other is getting covid. My main distraction: going out to play football is gone thanks to this lockdown. Some people doom scroll, get pissed at everything but I like to focus on what I can control. I don’t read the news too.

  3. Forgive me for being selfish and cracking a few jokes. Or talking about startups or product management. I know your method of dealing with the situation might be different. Do what makes sense to you.

  4. Signalling here on social media and posting a few tweets about how bad the covid situation is won’t do anything for the people really suffering in this pademic. Want to help? Either volunteer your time or donate money. I can’t do the first as I have a full-time job. I did the second. (h/t Gokul for nudging me).

  5. I rarely comment on anyone’s posts. I don’t tell anyone what they can tweet or not tweet about. Twitter is just a cheap replacement for all the offline chatter I used to have once when I used to go to the office, meet friends. If you have a problem with that too, just unfollow. Honestly, my Twitter is for me. It is my distraction. it is the place where I blow off steam.

  6. I honestly don’t want more followers or likes or even comments. I just want the freedom to share whatever I am thinking about. This account will remain private from now on. I know I could have just blocked the thought policers who DMed/replied to my tweets. Generally, I just mute them. And I also know a lot of others from the startup ecosystem are also facing contempt from the same mob; for daring to post things about things other than covid. I am not someone who takes shit from others. But I am tired. I am done explaining myself to all these idiots online.

A few people Whatsapp’ed me to express their concerns. Their message was to ignore the haters. Just continue to do my thing. They also felt letting people bully me was idiotic. I don’t honestly think I succumbed to some online mob. I really don’t enjoy interacting with random internet people. I get the irony. So I am okay with fewer people seeing my feed. I will turn my Twitter public later once the situation improves. I don’t have the mental stamina to argue right now.

Update: I made my Twitter public because I had to share update on a covid fundraising initiative. I might turn it back to private later.