As someone who has battled gloomy thoughts of his mortality and frequently pondered the point of living since he was a kid, nothing causes more cognitive dissonance than working as a PM.

This is how my typical day goes.

Morning: Why do I care about career growth/making impact so much. Who even remembers who was a VP at Intel or Sun Microsystems in the 90s. Everyone grows old and dies. Does someone in their 80s fighting Alzheimer’s care if some project they did in the 1970s got delayed by a week.

Afternoon: Why the fuck is this variant A not performing statistically better than control. We did enough research. We fought endlessly over the copy. The conversion needs to go up by at least 10% to meet our KRs. Let’s change this particular word in the copy and try again.

Evening: Let me send out this email to the entire company about this cool ass project we did. Getting visibility is important. Will help motivate the team.

(Also get me the promotion)

Night: Ranting about how everything is bullshit and we all will die of covid.