A few things that have helped me run projects better:

  1. Rewriting most messages I send on Slack. Example. I send this message in a thread: Can you help here? Within 5 mins, I would edit the message to replace “you” with the actual person’s name from whom I am seeking help. Also clearly specify what help is needed instead of keeping it vague. My goal is to become very specific in my communication and leave no room for interpretation.
  2. Using slack emojis as reactions to messages: ✅ to Acknowledge, 👍 to Agree.
  3. If I know someone does not check Slack threads often, I DM the person separately and let them know that they are needed to unblock something. Taking more ownership instead of blaming the other person is key here.
  4. Rereading my messages to see if they can be misunderstood in any way.
  5. If there is any urgency, calling it out. Not assuming that people will implicitly understand the importance of an issue.
  6. Going through the Slack threads section every 15 mins, and replying to threads I have been tagged.
  7. Helping close decisions faster instead of procrastinating. Most decisions are reversible. People still don’t take them because they fear making a public mistake. Not me. I am okay owning decisions. I think that is part of the PM job.
  8. Over communicating.

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