We have reached a point in the ongoing culture wars where you can’t even point out strengths in people without getting canceled.

I remember Shaan Puri saying the Jake Paul is an amazing marketer (true) and the mob descended on him.

Facts don’t matter anymore.

Yes, Donald Trump is a narcissist, but there is no denying that he has charisma. Why else would a failed entrepreneur turned reality TV star become the President of the United States? If you want to learn charisma, would you learn from him or Biden? Nathan Latka got canceled for confessing that he watches Trump’s videos on mute to learn how to be charismatic: his pose, hand gestures.

Same with Louis CK. He is a creep. But he is funny. If you want to learn how to be a better standup comic would you watch his videos or someone else? You don’t have to support him as a standup comedian. You don’t have to watch his content. But don’t argue now that he is not funny just because he got canceled. He is a despicable human being, but he is funny.

Not an original thought, here is a blogpost by Derek Sivers saying the same thing.

P.S If you have not read Sivers’ new book Hell Yeah or No, you should.