I had shared this tweet today.


Someone I consider to be a mentor and who has more than a decade of experience in this industry had sent this message to me when I was debating the importance of titles with him yesterday. BTW he thinks titles don’t matter. He gave the strongest arguments against titles and we had a 6 hour discussion on the topic. It is fun arguing with people you like.

But when I posted this, people started attacking me as usual. A friend even said that me complaining about virtue signalling is also virtue signalling.

So I am sharing another whatsapp discussion I had on this topic. Why I do what I do.


Then I started ranting to another mentor. I was telling him how we have all these private whatsapp and telegram groups where people just shit on each other, but on Twitter everyone acts like they are each others’ best friends.

me complaining

The best advice I got were: focus on wealth games and chill the fuck out.

wealth games


I have taken this advice and have given the access of my Twitter account back to my wife. For the last few months my twitter operating protocol: let her sign in to my Twitter when I want to post something. I don’t even know my password anymore. Why I do this? To focus on things that actually matter. Spend my time doing something productive. Else I would just spend all my time shitposting on Twitter or worse: arguing with random people.