A lot of friends ask if I even remember the books I read, especially fiction for which I don’t create notes.

To be honest I don’t, but the point of reading a book is not to remember every detail of the story.

I read the Harry Potter books like half a dozen times when I was a kid. Those were a big part of my childhood. I even got a Harry Potter tattoo. I don’t remember 99% of the books now. Maybe just the plot of each book. And it is fine. Harry Potter for me is the sum of all the memories of being transported to a magical place as a kid. Away from all the realities of life. I remember eagerly waiting for each new book to come. Then finishing it up on the same day it released.

This is true for all fiction I read. I know I won’t remember most of it after a few years. And it is fine. As long as for a few hours every day I can imagine to be somewhere else. Maybe it is escapism. But it keeps me sane.