Something that I told a friend yesterday: If crypto does not live up to the hype, a developer learning solidity today will just learn swift and become a mobile dev. The community manager pumping NFT projects will transition to a marketing lead position for a web 2 start up. Hustlers yield farming on defi will find other arbitrage opportunities. Even VCs will find another hype train. You must have seen the meme about the same VCs pumping the creator economy last year now screaming about web3 from roof tops.

So when people say don’t be a skeptic and choose relentless optimism, I do agree at some level. Yes, optimism is a virtue and relentless optimism is especially good for Twitter.

Optimism is the best career strategy for us in tech where the downside is minimal and our peak earning years are ahead of us. Our downside is minimal.

But there are real world consequences for people who are not us.

Think about the uncle nearing retirement who takes “fintech is a niche of crypto” tweet as a fact and not a signal to the tribe and then apes into some shitcoin and then loses all his retirement money. We all know what FOMO can do to you. There won’t be any coming back from that.

I am not some random armchair critic.I have spent most of my post work hours understanding web3. I have worked on b2b chat + bots -> ad tech -> ecommerce -> enterprise chat -> on-demand. If metaverse materialises tomorrow, I will jump. There is no cost for me.

So yeah, apologies if I am not being a relentless optimist. I will be documenting my web3 journey, sharing both the good and the bad, the things that give me optimism as well as the things that don’t. If everyone keeps tweeting “crypto is inevitable” or “crypto is a ponzi scheme”, there won’t be any learning.