Last year whenever I dared to post anything that was not in line with the covid times, a few idiots would tell me to “read the room”. I got so annoyed that I went private.

Within a few weeks these people got bored of policing people, moved on, and started posting regular stuff themselves.

The cases had not decreased. They just realised there was no alpha in telling people to read the room anymore. Take November 2021. Cases are still high in Kerala. Are people posting about Kerala obsessively? No.

There is only a small window when you can virtue signal about something. I remember the good old Facebook days when people would change their DP to signal solidarity with something, let’s say Yemen or some terror attack somewhere, guilt trip you for not doing the same, then would post photos of themselves having a fun night out somewhere.

These people were not sad. They were not crying over Yemen.

They just wanted to signal that they care.

People who actually did something for covid did not do it to get likes. Or get their twitter account pasted on some relief site. These people were also not policing others on social media. They did not need to signal. They did it because they actually cared.

Be someone who actually cares. And please don’t tell people to read the room.