1. Starts as a kit man.
  2. Is star struck by the new Coach.
  3. Ted Lasso is in Celebristan, beyond mimetic rivalry.
  4. Lasso appoints Nate to coaching staff.
  5. Degree of separation reduces. Part of same Freshmanistan now.
  6. Mimetic rivalry begins.
  7. Rivalry is with not just Lasso, but also other coaches, including Roy Kent.
  8. Kisses Keeley to prove to himself that he belongs there.
  9. Attempts to make the Lasso, the American outsider, the scapegoat.
  10. Scapegoat mechanism fails.
  11. Lasso remains main character.
  12. Nate leaves as he can’t win mimetic rivalry.
  13. New season starts with both at same footing. Let’s watch what the new season brings.

To understand the show and appreciate it more, read Wanting by Luke Burgis.