Every generation has had their own social network where they showcase their personality and make friends.

Myspace, Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok.

Surprisingly for all these people the professional network has remained the same.

Linkedin started as a professional network, then added recruiter candidate match on top of it, followed by learning and development.

Recruiters might not care about Coursera certificates, but they will about proof of work on Questbook, if there are no other alternatives.

If web3 becomes big, and enough developers move from web2, I can clearly see an opportunity to build a new social network where instead of coursera certificates, you will show proof of work when it comes to web3. 

Instead of network -> job opportunities -> LnD, Questbook will take the reverse path. They will start with LnD, then recruiter candidate match, and then help you build the professional network graph for a newbie developer in web3.

Recommendations/endorsements will come later via people holding tokens; something similiar to what Bitclout tried but failed to implement. If everything in web3 is tied to ownership and your tokens/NFTs reflecting your beliefs, then this seems like a natural evolution.

Questbook can be the source of truth for learning as well as proof of work with everything be easily verified on chain.

Now you might ask why do we need a blockchain for this? We don’t.

I will talk about about other niches below.

Let’s take Ali Abdaal’s Youtuber Academy for example. He teaches people how to get their Youtube channels started, people who join find collaboration opportunities, and they also get to be part of a community of creators and learn from each other. Lenny is doing the same for product folks. I am pretty sure a lot of people discover Lenny through his newsletter, do his course, join his slack, and eventually find a job in his job board. We will see a lot of these vertical setups happening.

Reforge is a similiar network for growth folks. It is probably the best place to learn growth, being part of Reforge gives you the network, and sooner than later the network will give you the job opportunity too.

Instead of a horizontal professional social network, there will be many vertical ones with their own learning and development program, certificates, proof of work through participation on communities, and eventually getting the job and building the nwtwork.

Basically the right way to think about a new professional social network will be to take the opposite path that Linkedin took a couple of decades back.