Thanks to web3 a lot of people got rich pretty quickly. If you joined the right projects even a couple of years back, you would have made life changing money. And I have heard of enough people [verified through friends] who have already retired thanks to striking gold early.

But my favourite conspiracy theory to share with friends is that a lot of people are using this bull run to cosplay too.

If my father was a DC or a SP, worked in the government machinery, and I had a shitload of money from undefined sources, I will definitely cosplay as a crypto millionaire and move to Dubai. Who will doubt it? There are enough actual stories. And once you do a few bluechip NFT purchases, you can just update your Twitter DP, get clout and then you don’t even have to cosplay anymore because the price of these bluechip projects will remain high and the paper wealth you gain will actually legitimise you.

I studied in DPS Guwahati for 2 years [high school], where the ex CM’s son also studied, he was a couple of years junior. My parents worked in the Government and now my brother is a District Magistrate. Most of my friends in school are from business families. I have seen how rich people operate. Sadly my father was not rich. We were as middle class as they come. So I had to slog hard for everything I got in life. No sir, no dad sponsored MS in US for me.

Okay, coming back, what I am trying to say is that there is a lot of untaxed income [okay, let’s just call by its actual name: black money] in this country. Earlier people sent their children to the US to study [and thereby spend their money]. Today’s kids are probably going to Dubai to cosplay as crypto millionaires. This is the reason I don’t take a lot of web3 junta seriously. I mean I will respect you if you write good content. Share some independent analysis. But my respect will be based on what you produce and not the narrative you peddle on social media.

If you think this is hard to believe, Dan Bilzerian has been cosplaying as a Poker player for more than a decade. People who are in, get the joke, while others share stories about him making millions playing private games unironically.

I would not care about these things generally. I am happy with my life. But there are 15 year old impressionable kids on Twitter who will definitely be swayed and blindly worship people without knowing whether these people actually earned their wealth through skill or was their money inherited. I also get a lot of DMs from friends about people in crypto who had a massive trajectory and are multi millionaires sitting in Dubai. Yes, I am sure a lot of them legit learned how to play the game, let’s face it crypto is a game, and got in early, showed conviction, but there are a lot of people who are cosplaying too. You must know how much Instagram influencers pay to get photos inside rented private planes.

So yeah, don’t get easily influenced and lose all your money trying to get rich fast just because your favourite crypto influencer claims he did.