I was listening to this podcast hosted by Cobie and then Light Crypto went on a rant that blew my mind.

“I feel like i want to give a warning to people here about like when you when you trade short term versus long term like  you want to know where you are in the informational totem pole, like everyone knows that picture of like birds sitting on like the electricity wires and they’re all shitting on each other. So like a couple of days ago, one of my friends was like, yo, man, you gotta go long on this project because the mainnet is tomorrow. And you have to understand that like, what what information is in the Claude Shannon perspective, right? Information is surprise. So there’s a bunch of people who think that they’ll hear something and they won’t consider like when in the like human centipede process of information-sharing. They are because they’ll be towards the end right? And like that’s in a money game. That’s the person who gets left holding the bag and so I would I would give a word of caution to people who are chasing trends to understand that you need to know whether you’re the fool or whether you’re the one who’s getting the information fairly early on before it  propagates through the system. It’s really important because if you don’t know who the marginal buyer is, then you are the marginal buyer and you are the person that gets stuck.”

Are you the fish on the table?