Cred should launch a limited edition credit card.

  • Invite only.
  • Gold color metal card.
  • Accompanying NFT to flex and show status online. Now that Instagram and Twitter will support NFTs.
  • CC holders get access to exclusive Discord with other members.
  • Maybe offline events too.

A mix of HDFC Infinia + Friends with Benefits + BAYC + VC fund’s founders offsite. Amex Centurion for today’s age.

This is not a new idea. A lot of people have speculated that launching a Credit Card is the end game for Cred.

Status + FOMO = Ultimate marketing tool.

It has been my playbook too regarding all personal projects I have shipped:

  • Aristos.
  • All my private sessions.
  • Dhaniya ventures.

Roll out high quality products with high signal, low noise. Exclusivity. Get people talking. Drive FOMO. People who get in should feel like they are part of something special.