I love the 10 things I can’t live without GQ videos. Here are my essentials:

  • My kindle [Read mostly fiction before I sleep.]
  • Apple watch [Tracking calories burned.]
  • Iphone [Primary phone.]
  • One Plus 5 [Read most of my non ficion books on my phone, take notes, and also listen to podcasts and audiobooks.]
  • Apple Airpods Pro [To take calls during the day.]
  • One Plus bullets wireless [I don’t carry my airpods when I go out because I listen to podcasts/ books on my One Plus Phone.]
  • Mac Air M1 [Primary device.]
  • PS4 [How else would I crush people on Fifa?]
  • Dr Physio full body neck massager with heat [For massaging my legs and back before I sleep.]
  • Caresmith CHARGE Cordless Massage Gun [Post football massage.]

Full list of things I use here: Uses This