There are people who have a high level of energy at work. They take on responsibility. You don’t have to constantly follow up with them for updates. They are not off Slack for hours. They don’t take afternoon naps on workdays. These people will always thrive, whether on WFH or in the office.

Then there are people who think WFH is essentially a holiday. They won’t respond on Slack unless you escalate to their manager. They will be the end of remote working.

A lot of people are bullish on remote work. I am not. We are already seeing the narrative change from “remote is the future” to “this isn’t working, let’s go back to the office”. We are no longer in 2021. If companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google with record cash flows are making redundancies / freezing hiring / stressing about employee productivity, your 30% negative CM startup is probably thinking hard too.

You should think about it.