Strategy is all about choices. When it comes to growing a product, think in terms of which usecases, segments, or dimensions your product can dominate.

Let’s take ridehailing for example.

  • Use case domination: School commute, weekend mall trips, work commute, random errands..
  • User segment based on behavior domination: Promo hunter, value seeker, premium business users..
  • Dimension domination: Speed, safety, price..
  • Region domination: Tier 1 cities, tier 2 cities, suburbs..
  • User group based on age and gender domination: Genz, working moms, college kids..
  • Time of the day domination: commute hours, late night..
  • Distance domination: <5kms, >5 kms, >20 kms..
  • Place of interest domation: Airports, malls, bus stops, railways..

There are many other groupings. The list above is not MECE complete, but a good starting point.

For a case study, refer to this thread on how Doordash became the dominant food delivery platform in the US by focusing on the right segments.