During covid, I had read Tucker Max’s blogpost that led me to endlessly worry about the future and what it might hold. I even considered buying land as a hedge against a future macro event like hyperinflation, another pandemic, or even a zombie apocalypse. It’s not an uncommon idea, especially in today’s uncertain times. Buy your own land. Grow your food. Even Sam Altman is a prepper and has got a bunker.

But then I started to think about whether I am actually the type of person who can survive and thrive in such a scenario.

As a self-proclaimed “techbro”, I already have outsourced a lot of my daily tasks and responsibilities. I rely on Urban Company to clean my bathroom, Swiggy to deliver my meals. So, if I was suddenly thrust into a situation where I had to be self-sufficient, would I be able to survive? The answer is No.

I don’t have the skills or knowledge to defend my land against aggressors, or to fight off others who might come after me. I don’t have the capability to grow my own food. I can’t survive without modern conveniences.

When I listen to podcast episodes of Balaji shouting about how hyperinflation will make the world reserve currency, the US dollar useless, and the banking system will collapse, and everyone will be out on the streets and what not, I just shrug now.

Yes, I can get some bitcoin, but the last time I tried P2P crypto transfer, HDFC blocked my bank account because they felt I was doing “suspicious transactions” and I literally gave up on crypto. Forget us, our parents will never understand self custody. So like most people they would also lose everything if the current financial system collapses. And if so many people lose everything, then will it matter if I have a few Bitcoins and a piece of land to grow my own food? Probably not.

So I am choosing to not stress myself. I imagine every generation has gone through periods when it felt like the world would end soon. But it never does.