As a Liverpool fan for 20 years, I can totally relate to yesterday’s loss to Australia in the final. India losing to Australia, and failing in the big stage, is not different to how Liverpool ends up losing to Real Madrid in the finals. The best team Liverpool has had in decades keep getting bested again and again by a Madrid team. Domination till the final, only to lose to Madrid.

I always wondered if it is luck. Like a goal that should have gone in will be magically saved on the line. Somehow our star players will flop in tbe final. You keep thinking Madrid can’t honestly get away with it, but they do. Same with Rohit Sharma’s catch yesterday. The ball could have landed anywhere. But Head somehow managed to catch it. Even in the EPL, Liverpool’s struggle vs Man City seems similiar. Man City would be behind in the league, but would finish strong. Always. It seems inevitable.

Matches Man City should have lost would be won by some screamer from Kompany. Some freak goal would go in.

I never get the same confidence from Liverpool. Same as how a lot of my friends were anxious thinking Australia would show up in the final and we would lose.

Maybe it is not luck after all. Maybe it is just turning up when it really matters. You cant explain so trophies won by these elite teams through luck. It is just elite winner’s mentality. And we don’t have it.