There is so much randomness in life.

We got cable tv in 2002. My dad wanted to watch the world cup. After the worldcup we continued to pay for cable. I watched Danny Murphy score a goal and fell in love with Liverpool. I did not even understand EPL. I wondered why are there two teams from Manchester playing.

I screwed up my JEE twice. First time I had a decent score in AIEEE and had got into a few NITs, including the one in my home state. I had a big ego. It was IIT or nothing. I dropped out. Got into the extended merit list. Depression. Could have just joined an NIT instead of wasting a year.

My BITSAT was going dogshit. I somehow managed to recover in the second half and do well in Physics and Chemistry. Ended up with a decent score. My first thought was to take Mechanical or Chemical in Pilani. I was could have not Chemical for sure, but would need to wait for a few more iterations to figure out if I could upgrade to Mechanical Engineering. If I had taken either of them, I would have probably joining some oil refinery in Assam. Living my life in some sleepy town.

I chose to do Computer Science in Goa instead. My sidey turned out to be one of those super startup enthu types. I got interested in startups thanks to him. While everyone was grinding for CAT/ GMAT, this guy left to do a fintech internship in Africa. I also decided to play the startup game, but failed. Never got a big outcome.

One of the smarter devs in my team at Directi applied to an Indonesian company. It was growing super fast. I got in.

It has been 5 years. A lot of my networth and career growth happened just because I decided to apply to Gojek on a whim.

Inspite of all the frameworks on life and career, most of my decisions were pretty unpredictable. And I must remember that.