How I meet people in my early 30s:

  1. 1-1 by default. Almost never in big groups. Real talk. No need for “aur batao”. Conversations should flow naturally.
  2. If possible add an activity. Worked out with a friend yesterday at his house. Another coming to mine next week. Run with others. Play Fifa with some.
  3. Sometime you want to participate in group events. For that I have got poker and football. I host a poker game every week, and try to play football twice a month.

Earlier it was harder to do this as most people enjoyed going out drinking more. But as they get older, everyone slows down and want deeper convos, bond over activities.

There is nothing wrong with partying or hanging out with in bigger groups if you enjoy it. I never did. I always used to get bored at house parties in my early 20s. Felt like I was killing the vibe. Never enjoyed the small talk. Activities are a better way to meet new interesting people.