We all think we are good. Especially in an area such as product, it is even more difficult to measure it.

People feel that it’s the macro environment, the manager, the office politics, whatever it is, that’s holding them back from growing.

Forget internal. Here is an external measurement I use:

  1. How many smart people I know are going to ask me to join them as a co-founder / brainstorm their idea with me when they start their business.
  2. If I do start a company and the idea is a good one, how many of my talented friends will decide to join me.
  3. How many people jam with me just for fun?
  4. How many people seek me out as a mentor, keep me informed of their progress, stay in touch with me simply because they enjoy my company and value my advice.

You can come up with your own set of criteria. Just don’t be delusional and overestimate your abilities. Don’t blame others for your lack of success.