Happy Potter was an important part of my childhood. I even have a Harry Potter tattoo. I must have read the series multiple times. I don’t remember 90% of it. Except the plots for each book.

I just remember the joy I got out of reading the books. And how excited I used to be, eagerly waiting for the release of each new book.

For me the activity of reading is similiar to any other content consumption activity.

Do you remember every Instagram reel you watched yesterday or the Netflix show you watched a year back? Probably not. But they probably made you happy.

I have read a lot of books. I do have a lot of takeaways, a lot of them published in the book summaries section of this blog. So I do try to retain what I read. Atleast some of it.

But for me it is just the joy of opening a new book and losing myself in it that matters most to me. Not trying to remember every page I read. And I think you should also read because it is fun. Even if you won’t remember most of it a few years later.