I have been thinking about how much of blinkit’s expansion planning can be done with the help of Zomato data.

We know that Deepinder wants each dark store to be profitable. I remember reading that 1000 orders/day is a success metric for each dark store’s UE.

Now, the expansion plan for the dark stores can be determined by the existing locations of the Swiggy and Zepto dark stores as well as the existing Blinkit dark store data (where there is excess demand and another dark store in the vicinity will help serve the customers even better).

But they can also use Zomato’s existing food order data to figure out user density, where premium customers are (based on order frequency and AOV). They can literally design stores based on such data. Have Mokobara bags and PS5s only in dark stores that are located in areas with premium users. They also know when people order Zomato food delivery and when they don’t. So They can send customised notifications to customers using Zomato order data. Someone who orders a pizza on Zomato might be interested in getting a cola delivery from Blinkit. So can trigger notifications accordingly. They can even price items based on the density of premium or low-cost orders.