Note: While reading a book whenever I come across something interesting, I highlight it on my Kindle. Later I turn those highlights into a blogpost. It is not a complete summary of the book. These are my notes which I intend to go back to later. Let’s start!

  • I’ve found that when we launch MVPs, the broad community of marketers and SEOs who follow Moz perceive our quality to be shoddy and our products to be inferior. I’ve termed this brand reputation that follows an initially incomplete, minimally viable product’s launch the “MVP hangover.” It seems to follow the product and even the broader brand around for years, long after we’ve iterated and improved to make the product truly exceptional and best-in-class.

  • A good manager

    • Is a good coach
    • Empowers team and does not micromanage
    • Expresses interest/concern for team members’ success and well-being
    • Is productive and results oriented
    • Is a good communicator
    • Helps with career development
    • Has a clear vision/strategy for the team
    • Has important technical skills that help him/her advise the team

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