Note: While reading a book whenever I come across something interesting, I highlight it on my Kindle. Later I turn those highlights into a blogpost. It is not a complete summary of the book. These are my notes which I intend to go back to later. Let’s start!

With his younger brother Andy, who was a little less shy but equally small-framed, Tony would spend much of his time poring over Boys’ Life, a monthly magazine (an offshoot of the Boy Scouts of America) focused on the great outdoors. Though the boys in the pages didn’t look like him, it provided a perfect escape. In one issue from 1984, a headline on the cover read, “How Computers Opened a Window on a New World for One Eagle Scout.” His favorite part of the magazine was always the classified ads section, which he saw as a catalog of all the “fantastic things that I never even knew existed but knew I had to have one day,” he later wrote.