My blog is called Unfiltered Thoughts, though I have edited my blogposts countless times based on feedback from friends. Every time someone goes “Are you sure you are going to put that?”, I rethink, and sometimes edit. So maybe this blog is like 60% unfiltered thoughts.

I have tweeted multiple times in the past that I don’t have many strong opinions in life. I don’t identify as a liberal or as someone from the right. I have my own position on a lot of issues, few well thought out, a few: what people might call slightly unhinged, and none on others.

I will tweet out one day that Naval’s thoughts on happiness changed my life while the next day I will shitpost about something he tweeted. The first does not make me a simp of Naval, the second does not make me a hater. Nor am I a Warikoo bot.

I have been skeptical about web3 in the past, but if I convince myself that it is the future, I won’t think twice before jumping ship.

I will talk about Adhaar’s lack of security and all the leaks that has happened one year, a few years later I will say that it has greatly improved my life. It does not seem cnotradictory to me.

I joke about people playing distribution games on Twitter but I also tweet out shitposts that I know will get a few laughs, and in turn, likes. Does that make me a hypocrite? Yes.

Will I block you if you call me that on Twitter? Also Yes.

I don’t have analytics on my website. You won’t find any link to my Twitter from this website. I like to think I don’t care about my Twitter, I am beyond distribution games, and I write for the sake of putting my thoughts across. But while writing my Group Product Manager promotion packet, I did go to similarweb and got the traffic info. Just so that I could write “Manas Saloi is a product thought leader whose website gets 200K visits per month. He has mentored dozens of PMs in the industry and advises startups.”

Why did I do that? Because for promotion to a GPM level, you have to show impact beyond Gojek.

Withing 2 hours of meeting a friend yesterday, he managed to convince me that I am also signalling like the rest of them, my signal being that I can tweet out of free will, avoid group think, and my takes are more rigorously thought out. In the end I am also playing status games. Maybe the fact that I am writing a blogpost called ‘Am I a hypocrite?’ is also signalling. And I agree.

My POW(Proof Of Work) page is to signal that I don’t merely ship shitposts, I ship high impact projects too.

I have been honest about not being consistent with my thoughts. I have changed my mind on a bunch of things.

As this tweet states, there is no alpha in ideological consistency. All of us are hypocrites at some level. But I atleast try to understand my hypocrisy and my biases. Do deeper on why I am the way I am. Why I believe what I believe. 

I recommend you all to do the same. If you have a strong opinion, then ask why. See if you can argue the opposite side. 

I constantly tweet about Wanting and The elephant in the brain, and others. Go to the Meta reading section here. These books will draw a visceral reaction from you. They are not pleasant to read.

Go deeper beyond the initial visceral reaction and you will have a deeper understanding of the world.