I had written a day in my life post in early 2020. Sharing my updated routine here.

Note: I don’t do all of these everyday, I do most of these most days.


  • Sit outside in the veranda for 5 mins to get some sun.
  • Take the following supplements (consult your doctor)
    • B12
    • Vitamin D
    • Fish oil
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • Ashwagandha
    • Tulsi
  • 5 mins stretch. in my desk before I start my workday
  • 3 mins neck mobility.
  • 1 glass wheatgrass water.
  • 10 mins waking up meditation.
  • Scroll Twitter, Reddit, and Blind.
  • Core working hours from 10 AM to 6 PM. Available on Slack till I sleep.
  • Track all my habits before I sleep.
  • Check TickTick for any big tasks that I have been procrastinating on. If yes, then add to my calendar for the next day. Also set an alarm.
  • Talk to my mom.
  • Watch an episode of some TV series with my wife during lunch/ dinner hour. Currently we are watching It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Read for atleast a couple of hours if not more.
  • Check next day’s work calendar and plan my day.
  • Sit in the veranda with a hot cup of tea before sleep.
  • I try to optimise for things that make me happy.


  • Work on my learning goals for the year.
  • Write blogposts.
  • 2X football. [Ideal, but paused due to elbow injury.]
  • 2X gym. [Ideal, but paused due to elbow injury.]
  • 1X cycling.
  • Watch Liverpool’s match.
  • Catchup on all the podcasts and newsletters I subscribe to.


  • Track my assets. There is a google sheet I maintain.
  • Invest.
  • Movie night with wife.
  • Poker night with the bois.
  • Date night with wife.
  • Board games if friends come over.
  • Meet friends.