As someone who gets tagged on ‘which PMs should I follow/read’ threads all the time, let me give you my honest advice: There is no point trying to discover more PMs to follow/blogs to read. Most of the successful PMs I know don’t even use Twitter. Or read product blogs. They bring energy, take ownership, and get shit done. They know how to influence people. They observe and learn. And then watch Netflix at night and chill.

Most blogs are too high level and bookmarking 10 more Twitter threads won’t take you to the next level.

Be honest: What are the last 5 things you read on Twitter that you actually implemented at work?

Reading dozens of threads on Twitter daily and bookmarking them for future consumption is like watching bodybuilding vlogs and Rocky 3 every day. Gives you a sense of satisfaction, but accomplishes nothing. It is nothing but procrastination.

Learning comes from deep introspection and building processes that help you learn from your wins as well as failures, not second hand knowledge sourced from Twitter.