All the PMs in my team have to submit a weekly slack update on Tuesday. The weekly update follows this format:

  • Weekly updates for Team X
    • Link to doc for collated weekly updates [This helps stakeholders go through past updates]
    • Project 1 [Color code to mark status]
      • One line status about the project [something like Deployed on Integration last week]
      • Overall progress status [X% completed]
      • Total story points [X story points in total for the project]
      • Name of people working on the project [name everyone working in the project from designers to devs to QAs]
      • Completed last week
        • List of a few items done
      • Continuing this week
        • List of a few items to be picked up this week
      • Highlight blockers if any/ if delayed then explain why
  • Other completed projects in the semester
  • Projects deprioritised/ parked
  • Tag relevant stakeholders for visibility

I love this format and would recommend everyone to use it.

More processes on how to run a team more efficiently: How to run a product team