Instead of sticking to some strict exercise regimen, I have started to look at my routine similiar to how you would pick food items from a buffet.

Some days I do the same posture reset exercise multiple times, while on others I might do 30-40 min of “yoga”. Sometimes I might add cycling to my routine, while other times do strength training using the Fitbod app.

For mobility I am currently using the following apps:

I pay for the and Stretching apps. I would say that for a normal user Nike Training Club is more than enough. I pay for Fitbod and might even renew because I want dynamic exercise plans. It is also the only strength training product I use. You might ask why not use the 1000s of Youtube videos for training? My answer is simple: knowing that I have paid for Fitbod makes me want to work out more. I know it is sunk cost fallacy, but this time I am using a fallacy for a good cause. For a long stretch in 2022, I played football 2/3 times a week. But with persistent injuries, I might have to cut down next year.

My source of record for all things training is my Apple watch. I log all my exercises there. Hope this helps get started on your fitness journey.