1. Does not follow anyone, except wife. Did the same with another social network where he was slightly popular.
  2. Deletes his tweets, no matter how much of a banger. Willingly gives up on distribution.
  3. Does not tag people. People who tags others get banned. Willingly gives up on discovery of account.
  4. Reminds people to not tag him regularly.
  5. Avoids path dependence, by tweeting shit posts one day, playbooks the next. Throws red pills the third day and on fourth day spews random thoughts that has almost no TAM.
  6. Has never been part of any Twitter circlejerk. Rarely likes or comments on tweets of other accounts.
  7. Avoids putting labels, even though it is the fastest way to grow followers point.
  8. In a world where everyone is virtue signaling and gently patting themselves in the back, works hard, but also pats his back the hardest.
  9. Dunks on NPC reply bois.
  10. Blocks anyone who QTs to dunk.
  11. Has probably muted half of the people already.
  12. Rarely replies to comments on tweets.
  13. Makes his Twitter a Sisyphean adventure that restarts everyday.
  14. Never deployed popular growth tactics inspite of writing two playbooks on them: link, link.

I wonder who is this person putting self-imposed constraints on himself and playing the counter-positioning meta game on Twitter for years.